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About Us İnformation

We offer Bodrum Transfer services. Our company has D2 Certificate and Türsab Travel Agency Operating Certificate. Cheap, safe and convenient transfer.

About Us İnformation.

Bodrum Vip Transfer Services

VIP Bodrum Transfer Tourism Limited Company is located at Yokusbasi district, Emin Anter boulevard Number 7 / A Bodrum Mugla. We provide transfers of domestic and foreign tourists to Bodrum Hotels, Bodrum Yacht Ports, Bodrum Otogar and Milas Bodrum Airport during Bodrum Peninsula trips. We serve our passengers with the latest and luxurious transfer vehicle fleet in the region. We offer VIP cars, VIP minivans, VIP minibuses, VIP midibuses and VIP buses as a vehicle option for our passengers. Our passengers are provided with a private transfer service, which they can pick up with the special vehicle they require.

Our passengers who arrive at the exit of the airport are welcomed without any waiting, they are delivered to their vehicles by taking a special VIP transfer to the adresses of the bier and the ladies. Our passengers who want to go to the airport are also picked up by special vehicles when they specify the address they mentioned. Only private VIP airport transfer is provided. We provide protocol transportation services to senior managers, artists, famous names and government officials as we provide services for conferences, seminars, wedding organizations and private meetings, especially for groups.

We were able to offer our private transport services, which we started by providing Milas Bodrum Airport transfer services, with quality, safe and at the same time economic prices. Our aim is to be able to provide the best service 24 hours a day and always with the latest model VIP vehicles as it is now in all Bodrum Peninsula locations.

We have increased the quality in the sector from the first day we entered Bodrum transfer companies. Competition among Bodrum transfer companies is very serious. We had to invest continuously in this competitive environment. As we go this way, our only target is to increase our current customer portfolio every year. While we increased our registered customer rate significantly, we also knew that we had to increase our quality at the same time.

Not only would it be enough to offer quality service but at the same time we needed to offer the cheapest transfer services in Bodrum. We have invested in exactly that and we have discovered that it is much cheaper and better quality to work with zero tools by considering the cost of our vehicles.

At the same time as we aimed, we were able to be both the best quality and the cheapest. Together with tens of thousands of happy customers, if you are, we are always ready to serve.