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We have compiled a few news about us in the National and Local Press for you. Please click to see our references.

Welcome to our page in the press.

On this page, as Vip Bodrum Transfer, the most rooted and popular company of Bodrum, we would like to show you our valuable news in the press. Our company, working with 100% customer satisfaction, attracts the attention of all Press and Broadcasting services as the Bodrum Transfer leader in its sector. Vip Bodrum Transfer is always the first among the recommended companies.
We will publish only the main news below. I hope you read the news about us by clicking the links below.

• News about the measures we have taken against the Covid 19 Corona Virus.
Our vehicles related to Covid-19 Corona Virus, which affects the whole world, are disinfected before and after each transfer. As Bodrum Airport Transfer company, we organize continuous hygiene seminars for all our staff. As followed by the last minute news of the corona, we have taken great precautions against the virus by giving gloves and masks to our passengers by applying a high level of hygiene during your travels.

Please click to read our news in the press about the measures we have taken.

• News about the Bodrum transfer of the World Famous Jean Claude Van Damme.

World famous Hollywood star Jean Claude Van Damme chose Bodrum, the brand city of the world for the holiday. World star artist Milas Bodrum Airport, which preferred Vip Bodrum Transfer, was greeted with flowers before the transfer. Van Damme's Bodrum Airport was greeted by Vip Bodrum Transfer with the latest model vehicles and left until the hotel where he will spend his holiday.

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• The news about Super Star Ajda Pekkan.

Super Star Ajda Pekkan one of Turkey's most important artists has chosen us in Bodrum Transfer companies. Milas Bodrum Airport gave an interview to journalists after the transfer, after the concert given by Master Artist Ajda Pekkan, who was very pleased with the Vip Bodrum Transfer staff and the latest model vehicles, which has been serving them for about three years.

To read the interview of Ajda Pekkan, please click on the link below.

• News about Milyondolar Indian wedding and Vip Bodrum Transfers.

One of the most popular reasons for Bodrum, which is the brand city of the world with a unique beauty, is the weddings held in the heaven on earth. As we said exactly, Bodrum's Indian Weddings, which are the choice of couples who will say yes to each other forever, are very famous. Bodrum weddings, which are preferred by the Indians who do not know the limit in the budget, are held in the most luxurious hotels of the region and with million dollar fortunes. The wedding of Suraj Gidwani's only son, one of the richest families in India, was held at The Bodrum By Paramount hotel. As the Vip Bodrum Transfer family, we have served all the Bodrum Transfer and Bodrum Airport transfers of the wedding organization with about 200 vehicles.

Please click the link below to read our famous Indian wedding news.

• News about the famous football player Arda Turan's transfer after voting.

The pride of our world famous country, our national football player Arda Turan and his wife Aslıhan Doğan Turan took their breath in Bodrum after using their votes in Istanbul. Our precious football player, welcomed by our team at Bodrum Airport, preferred our latest model vehicles of our company, Vip Bodrum Transfer, to provide transportation to his boat in Yalıkavak Marina.

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