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Bodrum Transfer Services

We offer our Bodrum Transfer services with the latest model Mercedes Vito and Sprinter, with the cheapest price guarantee with comfort and confidence.

Bodrum Transfer Vip Services.

Bodrum Transfer Services Bodrum Airport VIP Bodrum transfer special and very cheap transportation prices with vip Mercedes vehicles 7 days 24 hours at your service.

Located in the Republic of Turkey in Bodrum, Mugla province depends. Bodrum population, which increases day by day, is 175,435 people according to the first data of 2020. It is Turkey's most important tourism center. Bodrum continues its rapid rise to become one of the most important tourism centers in the world.

Bodrum is connected to the province of Mugla. Bodrum Center is located 35 km from Milas-Bodrum Airport and approximately 40 minutes by private car transfer.

Bodrum Central is the indispensable address for domestic and foreign tourists who want to make a holiday in summer. The center of Bodrum, which is the inspiration of the songs and poems, is the biggest choice because it is close to the hotels, pensions, apart and boutique hotels located at the marinas, bars, bazaars and seaside. We provide you with the most suitable transfer prices for every point you will go to and from Bodrum center. Bodrum is growing day by day as it has a livable climate and conditions in summer and winter.

There are a total of five marina settlements in Bodrum Center. The purpose of each of these marinas is different.

Bodrum Airport Milta marina Bodrum vip transfer is a yacht harbor that is usually used for private motor yacht boats and boat owners paying an annual fee. Milta Marina Right next to Bodrum is Karada Marina named shopping center. On the land side of the Marina there are weekly, monthly blue touring gulets and motor yachts. You can see these great boats around the Tepecik Mosque.

Bodrum Datca ferry pier

Apart from the daily tours of the beautiful villages of Bodrum, the Kos Ferry service and the Datca Ferry service serve every day.

At the top of the places to visit in Bodrum is undoubtedly Bodrum Castle. Bodrum Castle was built as a prison in 1595 and today it opened its doors as a museum with its interior architecture smelling history. There is a mosque and a Turkish bath built during the Ottoman period. It is also located within the Bodrum Castle, with English towers, French towers, Italian towers, German towers and snakes.

One of the most important places to visit in Bodrum Center is Bodrum Antique Theater. The Bodrum Antique Theater, which has a capacity of 13.000 people, is renowned for its restoration works which are made up to date and makes holiday in the summer with unique music, theater and entertaining days and nights. Kaya Tombs located a little further ahead of the ancient theater and Myndos located in the Bodrum Center are the places to visit. Disco and bar nights like Bodrum Catamaran Disco and Halikarnas disco are making fun for those who want to enjoy the fun of the sea especially at the Bodrum Bars. You will enjoy visiting the shops selling famous brands in Bodrum Barlar Street.

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